Phologo Pheko Interview

Insight into the perspectives of the professionals and other colleagues operating within PPP market to ascertain their level of confidence in the PPP market going forward.

Nathaniel Munetsi

GIFA was established as a Provincial Government Entity of the Gauteng Provincial Government, its mandate is to accelerate delivery of key infrastructure projects through project development

Cyprian Marowa

The event emphasised 4 key outcomes for African PPPs: How to close the funding gap in Africa PPPs was clearly established at this conference.

Munyaradzi Munodawafa

Africa PPP Conference is extremely important because it digs into issues which people in boardrooms do not like to discuss.

Edward Kabwe

We had a great experience at the Africa PPP Conference in London. It has added tremendous value to our business as ZRA, particularly the Batoka Gorge HES Project.

Jack van der Merwe

What I like about the Africa PPP event is the enthusiasm of the banking sector to invest in PPPs and the expertise of the transactions advisers and that it covers the whole life cycle of the PPP project.

Hannes van Wyk

The event gave us the opportunity to meet with the decision makers and champions from all the African countries that are here in one conference - that really attracted us to be involved and partner with Africa PPP Conference.

APPP 2016 Debate

Africa PPP 2016 Debate: Risk and Reward: Why PPPs need to continue to grow?
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2016 Promo Video

"Take a look at the atmosphere from London's edition of Africa PPP 2015 and listen to the highlights of the interviews with the speakers."

William Michael Dachs

Before joining Gautrain Management Agency in 2010, William Dachs was the Head of the Public Private Partnership Unit

Romain Py

Romain is responsible for originating and executing investments into infrastructure projects and companies for AIIM’s infrastructure funds.

Aminu Diko

“PPPs are still very new in Nigeria and most developing countries. This forum is an assemblage of so many professionals from different parts of the world who have spent several years structuring these transactions.”

Maude Vallee

“I think this PPP event is very important for one main reason: it is to help people understand the difference between the actual risk to doing business in Africa compared to the perceived risk of doing business in Africa.”

Dr Bakri Abdul-Karim

“One of the areas there is a lot of emphasis on in the last couple years is PPP. We have been trying to build capacity within the government as well as the private sectors in Africa to do PPPs.”

Kodeidja Diallo

“It is an important platform, indeed, for knowledge sharing and also sharing the best practice; and more importantly, helping to rectify the current PPP’s under a better plan and design of the planned PPP’s in Africa. “

Lucy Chege

“This particular event is a premier event and an event that has been held consistently for a number of years, so we find that in terms of engagement, it’s very good and the level of delegates is again very good.’’

Stanley Kamau

“This PPP event is very important. For example, meeting the program manager for PPIAF has had huge benefits for my country. I am also able to meet other experts and peers for experience and knowledge sharing.”

James Aiello

“The quality of discussions has been excellent. I saw there were ministerial people and parliamentarians in attendance and it is that calibre of people that attend these particular conferences and they come here to learn and to be able to go back to their countries .”

Joanne Foley

“PPP is about transferring risk form public to private sector.’’

Magdalene Apenteng

“The PPP event, for me, rallies a lot of people together. You find the technical practitioners coming, you find investors coming, and you find other entities such as transaction advisors and other consultants that convey here. So at this event the technical people are always able to talk to each other and there are presentations so that they can learn from each other.”