Africa PPP 2017 Speakers

James Aiello

Senior Project Advisor, PPP Unit, National Treasury, South Africa

Ana Hajduka

Founder & CEO, Africa GreenCo

Omar Vajeth

Snr. Transaction Advisor & Head, SAPP-PAU

Dr Amit N Thakker

Chairman, African Healthcare Federation

Dieudonne Bondoma Yokono

President, CARPA, Cameroon

H. David Meyers

Chairman, AgriSmart Inc

Stanley Kamau

Director, PPP Unit, Ministry of Finance, Kenya

Abebe Tadesse

Senior Expert and ISP-PPP Coordinator, Ministry of Finance and Economic Coordination, Ethiopia

Eng. M C Munodawafa

Chief Executive Officer, Zambezi River Authority


If you would like to make a speech at APPP 2017, please send your biography, topic, photo and abstract to the organising committee. N.B Speeches will be in English only. All the speeches should not exceed the duration of 15 minutes. The deadline to receive propositions for speeches is September 2017. Please note that the conference topics are available on the event website.

If you would like to deliver a speech at the event, please contact: Emma Sayers, Conference Producer

Tel:  +27 84 585 5119 or