If you would like to be an APPP 2019 speaker, please send your biography, topic, photo and abstract to the organising committee. N.B Speeches will be in English only. All the speeches should not exceed the duration of 15 minutes. The deadline to receive propositions for speeches is August 2019. Please note that the conference topics will soon be available on the event website, however please do let us know if there is a specific topic you wish to bring to the event.

If you would like to deliver a speech at the event, please contact: Laura Sitzia, Head of Finance & Infrastructure

Tel:  +44 207 700 4949 or

2019 Speakers

Safiétou Diallo

Conseiller Technique Directeur General, SENELEC

Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong

Executive Chairman, Jospong Group, Ghana

Walid Madwar

Managing Director, Metito, UAE

Manel Salvado Tenesa

Business Development Director, Africa Almar Water Solutions

Atter Ezzat Hannoura

Director, PPP Central Unit, Ministry Of Finance, Egypt

Silvester Kasuku

Director General LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority

Flora Tenga

PPP Director, Ministry of Finance, Tanzania

Al Hassane Diop

Directeur de la Direction des Financements et des Partenariats Public-Prive, Ministere de la Promotion des Investissments, des Partenariats et du Developpment des Teleservices de l’Etat, Senegal

Judith Nyakawa

Director PPP Unit National Treasury, Kenya

Gabriel Aduda

Permanent Secretary. Government of the Federation Nigeria

Noman Siddiqui

Manager of PPP Division Islamic Development Bank

Dr Joseph Essandoh

Director, Strategic Planning and Policy Energy Commission, Ghana

Symerre Grey-Johnson

Head of the Regional Integration, Infrastructure and trade program African Union Development Agency (AUDA)

Shafeeq Abrahams

CEO Eskom Provident pension Fund South Africa

Jean Noel Ekoman 

Technical Expert CARPA Cameroon

Jim Mugunga

Director Public Private Partnerships Unit - Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, Uganda

Lindokuhle Hlatswahyo

Director Business Development GTAC, PPP Unit, National Treasury, South Africa

Guy Baron

Chief Investment Officer, Rwanda Development Board, Rwanda

Majdoub Atef

Président Instance Générale de Partenariat Public Privé, Tunisie

Strover Maganedisa

Chief Director GTAC, PPP Unit, National Treasury

2018 Speakers


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