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ALC 2018: Spotlight on Africa’s Local Content Policies

Luanda, Angola – July, 2018: The 2nd Africa Oil & Gas Local Content Conference & Exhibition (ALC 2018) organised by the African Petroleum...
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Africa’s Local Content policies on spotlight at ALC 2018

Africa’s Local Content policies on spotlight at ALC 2018 The Second edition of the Africa Oil & Gas Local Content...
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Industry News


May Updates Oil & Gas

Oil prices are, this month, at their highest level since 2014: Brent crude prices are above $76 a barrel and...
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March Updates Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Industry Newsletter – March 2018 This month saw a downturn of Brent oil to $68,90 dollars a...
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January Updates Oil & Gas

This month, the price of Brent oil reached a new four year high at $71 USD per barrel. These prices...
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November Updates Oil&Gas

Oil & Gas Industry Newsletter – November The Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) saw a drop in November to...
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October Updates Oil&Gas

Colder than normal weather in the US has put pressure on their heating demand, giving petroleum prices a lift. Declining...
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September Updates Oil&Gas

Global oil demand grew very strongly in the 2nd quarter of 17, by 2.3 mb/d (2.4%), according to the recently released...
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August Updates Oil&Gas

The International Energy Agency’s latest edition of the World Energy Outlook takes a look at the major transformations in the...
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