The 2016 inaugural event, developed under the theme “Achieving an average rate of 30% of Local Content in different oil and gas activities in African Petroleum producing countries by 2030”, was designed with the specific goal of stimulating industrial development through increased local capacity by finding solutions to the challenges of meeting localization requirements and building the local skills set across the hydrocarbon industry, which we believe was achieved though viable open discussions.

“I was able to understand more about local content. I was able to realize that Africa needs to overcome the barriers and to invest more with a serious development of the local content.“

Fatima André | Ministry of Petroleum, Republic of Angola

Organized in association with the African Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO), the first edition gathered over 250 registered participants from APPO member countries, international oil companies, hydrocarbon service companies gathered in November 2016 and opened the channels of conversation, but it is still a long road forward to creating sustainable localisation across the petroleum producing countries in Africa.

Discussions will continue during the 2nd ALC 2018 conference and exhibition, under the theme of Advancing local content across the oil and gas supply chain in African petroleum producing countries


Key Reasons not to miss ALC 2018

  • Network with decision makers from eighteen petroleum producing countries (Algeria, Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Congo DRC, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Libya, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan and Tchad), as well as many new African producers who will be invited
  • Gain insight on how to develop a road map for local content
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities for local SMEs and SMIs
  • Find out how to position, benchmark and monitor your local content policies from an expert panel of speakers from governments, NOC’s, oil and gas companies, service providers and policy makers
  • Understand changes to regulatory and legislative frameworks
  • Discover the plans for natural resources industrialisation

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Why Angola?

The Republic of Angola is the second largest oil producer in Africa and has a population of over 24.3 million. Angola economic growth has been exponential with the oil sector being the main driver. Oil production contributes about 45% of GDP and over 95% of exports. Angola has been producing oil since 1955 and joined OPEC in 2007. It has proven crude oil reserves of 8,423 billion barrels and 308 billion cu.m of natural gas reserves. Angola produces 1.782 million bpd (April 2016).

Angola has successfully implemented its local content program, which means that 70% of all employees in the oil and gas sectors must be nationals. Angola has also set up a Sovereign Wealth Fund so that oil revenues can develop other sectors of the economy.