CARIB Food & Hospitality

1st Caribbean Food, Hotel and Restaurant Exhibition

Barbados, West Indies, 6-8 July 2017

The Caribbean’s first all-encompassing food, hotel and restaurant industry trade event

We are delighted to announce the organisation of CARIB Food & Hospitality, 1st Caribbean Food, Hotel and Restaurant, Exhibition which will take place from 6-8 July 2017 at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Although CARIB Food & Hospitality is one trade event, dedicated pavilions will be demarcated for the food, hotel and restaurant industries, synchronised with targeted marketing campaigns.

CARIB Food & Hospitality will be a multi-dimensional event featuring:

  • A three day international trade show.
  • A Salon Culinaire competition, identifying the region’s best professional and amateur chefs.
  • Specialised workshops covering hospitality management, new technologies and utilising local produce.

Target a market of over 40 million potential consumers, set up a regional distribution network

  • Caribbean destination tourism is rising at 4.7%, the fastest growth region in the world, top quality food products and catering services are required
  • An enormous high end consumer market. A record 26.3 million visitors came to the Caribbean in 2014, spending a record US$29.2 billion.

 Reliance currently on imports as local production cannot satisfy demand

  • Lack of arable land and not enough or diverse food production to satisfy both local and tourism demand, the Caribbean imports the majority of its food and beverage products.
  • US$4.75 billion worth of food products are imported per annum. However activities are in place such as agricultural innovations to limit imports to more local production.

 Target the Caribbean’s 1,922 hotels with 229,930 rooms

  •  The Caribbean had 44 hotels with 9,382 rooms under contract. Of those, 14 hotels with 4,240 rooms were under construction.
  • The need for state of the art hotel and restaurant equipment is exponential

Why participate in Carib Food & Hospitality?

  • Local companies can promote their products and services for international and regional trade
  • International companies will establish new distribution networks and sales outlets
  • Managers of hotels and restaurants can source equipment and services from suppliers directly rather than going to visit trade events that are taking place in the United States or Europe
  • The workforce of the Caribbean hospitality industry can gain valuable knowledge by attending the industry specialised workshops