Dalila Iddrissu


Name Dalila Iddrissu
Position Business Development Manager, Friburge Oil and Gas

How, in your view, does working with and advancing local companies assist in reducing costs for operators and service providers across the value chain in the extractive industries?

Yes most definitely! Localizing some of the services and products procured by operators, reduces lead times which increases efficiency and reduces costs.


What are some of the key elements that have made Friburge Oil and Gas a successful indigenous company?

We are continuously ensuring that we provide the best services at the most reasonable cost;  we have done this by localising our own costs, employing Angolans as much as possible and forming strategic relationships with reputable international partners for the transfer of skills and technical capacity.


Why is the Africa Oil and Gas Local Content conference important for getting the message across that local content works towards economic stability and sustainable growth?

It is an important platform to get our voices heard as the small players in the industry ensuring that we are head by government, operators and international stakeholders.

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