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‘’Europe as a Partner for African Mining’’

With the recent years we have witnessed Africa becoming a vital trade partner to Europe, Mining On Top: Africa Summit is back for its 5th Edition in Geneva, Switzerland congregating global and regional mines, financial institutions, technology specialists, industry experts, senior government officials and European and African stakeholders focussing on future inter-continental collaborations in the mining industry. The established event is proven to be successful in promoting responsible and sustainable mining through public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Africa’s position is imperative in supplying Europe with several raw materials such as Cobalt, Tantalum and Platinum Group Metals, which are considered ‘critical’ by the European Union, Though trading relations for mining between Europe and Africa isn’t new, in subsequent years greater emphasis has been placed on mineral commodities to achieve a symbiotic relationship. Thereby, Europe has gradually recognised the importance Africa’s role in the continuous provision of raw materials.

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Why MOTA 2018 in Geneva

  • Taking place in the home of banks and investors who have financed mining across the world.
  • Pre-qualified, targeted high level audience including Africa’s Ministries and major mining houses.
  • Uncover key mining projects and prospects open for investment
  • Roundtables enabling participants to discuss latest trends and opportunities in a more private environment
  • Gain insight into new/improved policies and legislation
  • Established event in the mining calendar

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Mining On Top: Africa Summit
Focussing on a new era of sustainability and investing in Africa’s mining industry

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