Day 1
06 Jul 2017
Day 2
07 Jul 2017


Introduction and Opening Remarks from the Organisers

Ministerial Roundtable

Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry
Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi
Dr. Alkaly Yamoussa Bangoura
Hon. Abdul Ignosi Korma
Hon. Christopher Yaluma
10:45 - 11:15

Coffee Break

Session 1

Mining investment and commodity prices in the new geopolitical environment

In light of recent political developments in the US and Europe, the question on everyone’s mind is how these changes will impact the development of Africa’s minerals market.

  • International trade agreements
  • Boosting intra-Africa agreements
  • Partnerships
  • Export duties
  • Commodity price volatility
  • Uranium vs Renewables
  • Country Risks and market concentrations for mineral raw materials
Robert R Amsterdam
Sanjay Saraf
Benjamin Jones
Dr Jeremy Wakeford
Dr Peter Buchholz
12:30 - 13:30


Session 2

State intervention in Mining Taxation and Legislation

Mining requires stringent regulation to ensure that minerals are mined responsibly and traded ethically, with a focus on creating a sustainable economy from natural wealth in each country. However, the effects of the recent fluctuation of commodity prices has caused governments to review current policies and taxation laws with a view not only to attracting mining companies and investors alike, but also in some cases to increase tax and royalty revenue.

  • Fiscal changes to taxation regimes for prospecting and mining companies
  • Harmonisation of policy frameworks to attract investment
  • Mining operations versus manufacturing operations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Working towards stability and transparency
Stephan Peters
Stéphane Brabant
Akshai Fofaria
Nathan Chishimba
14:30 - 15:00

Coffee Break

Session 3

Funding Mining Projects in Africa

Mining activities have slowed down recently across the continent, but companies and governments continue to look to the future growth of the industry.  One of the key aspects of growth is investment.  During this investment-focused session, funders and other players will consider where the future money will come from for the minerals industry in Africa.

  • Where do the funders see the risks and opportunities?
  • Infrastructure development and mining development
  • What are investors looking for?
Thomas Anger
Jeff Geipel

Close of Day 1

Registration and Welcome Coffee

Session 4

African Mining Project Presentations

Key government and private sector stakeholders will provide presentations on mining developments and future opportunities

Walter Englert
Amadou Camara
11:15 - 12:00

Coffee Break

Session 5

Green and Sustainable Mining

Mining companies are starting to implement greener technologies to ensure operations are more energy efficient and have a less damaging impact on the environment.

  • Moving towards a sustainable energy efficient industry.
  • How do you bring green technologies to remote mining areas?
  • Leaner, meaner machines
  • Mining water and water treatment
  • Assessing cost implication for mining company vs environment and communities
Helmut Schgeiner
Rudi Geerts
Andreas Wenzel
Christian Gevers
Erwin Spolders
13:30 - 14:30


Session 6

Skills Utilisation and Retention of Skills – Experience vs Transformation

Local content and skills development are a key focal point for governments currently.  However, the mining industry needs skills and experience to function at their optimum.  During this session, speakers will consider how experienced staff can be retained and form an important part of the transformation and play a role in skills transference, while working towards local content quotas. 

  • Are apprenticeships the way forward?
  • Attracting finance through experienced staff
  • Developing skills locally
  • Skill transference for social and economic stability
Kristian Lempa

Closing Remarks