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Mining On Top: Africa Summit 2018 – African Mining, Europe’s Engine for Industrial Development

Geneva, Switzerland – February, 2018: Africa’s importance as vital trade partner to Europe is becoming increasingly vital as the key supplier for several raw materials such as Cobalt, Tantalum and Platinum Group Metals (considered ‘critical’ by the European Union). The African mining industry is currently gaining momentum with rising investment opportunities where investors are benefitting from low operational costs, untapped resources and business favourable tax regime (tax deductible costs and losses).

Keeping the current situation as a backdrop, the 5th Mining On Top: Africa Summit is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, home to Banking & Investment. The conference will be attended by investors and financiers from the prestigious banks and finest trading houses domiciled there. Keeping the 2018 theme ‘Europe as a Partner for African Mining’ in mind, MOTA 2018 will emphasise on close links between Europe and African mining, concentrating on new developments and investment for further growth and expansion.

2018 is expected to be a fruitful year for African mining with rising mineral commodity prices and African governments increasingly betting on rising on revenue . Recent reforms in mining codes and tax policies have also made several mineral rich African countries more susceptible to foreign investment. Africa, well endowed with mineral reosurces is one of the leading global suppliers of bauxite, copper, cobalt, diamonds, managanese, ruitle and uranium and is a haven for future investments as the region’s mining potential is much greater than realised and major areas are still untapped. Mining is one of the major contribtuers to the economies of these countries , thus attracting foreign companeis to explore or develop projects in Africa is beneficiel to wither parties.

MOTA 2018’s well constructed programme will tackle some of the key challeneges that strategic and financial partners face when investing in Africa’s mining industry. Topics this year will include managing geological uncertainty, mitigating jurisdictional risk and commodity prices with a focus on developing long-term mutually beneficial partnerships between all stakeholders.

Some of the Key Topics that will be Covered at MOTA 2018 are:

  • Outlook for African Commodties ( An analysis of European demand for an African supply of raw materials)
  • Spotlight on Africa’s Geological Hotspots
  • Investing in Distruptor Mining Techonlogy
  • Generating Shareholder Value
  • Sustainble Investing

5th year, Mining on Top Africa (MOTA) connects African governments with European mining companies and investors to drive further investment into the continent.

Last year the event welcomed over 200 participants from over 20 countries including investment hotspots Guinea, Ghana, Madagascar and Senegal. This year we the event will be taking place in Geneva and will welcome further participation from African governments alongside their strategic parners so they can connect with Private Equity and Insitutional Investors.


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