The 5th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference and exhibition took place in Maputo from the 26 – 28th April 2016.

Under the theme of “Mozambique’s resources as the catalyst for Infrastructure Development, inclusive growth and economic transformation” the event was officially opened by H.E. Dr Pedro Couto, Minister, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Republic of Mozambique, represented by Alfredo Nogueira Nampete, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, who delivered the keynote opening address, alongside Dr Estêvão Sumburane, Chairman of AGMM, Omar Mithá, Chairman of ENH and other industry stakeholders.

This year’s discussions revolved around local content and the need for infrastructure development. The overall message conveyed during the event was that despite the current situation in Mozambique, there is a lot of room for growth across all three sectors.

The event was host to 19 Exhibitors, 410 Delegates, 59 Speakers and 1000 Visitors from 31 countries throughout Africa and abroad.

The high level of speakers and delegates allowed for excellent networking opportunities during the event.
Thank you to the speakers, participants and exhibitors for making the 2016 edition possible and a special thank you to our partners, AGMM and ENH for their continued support and the event sponsors for their commitment to the region.

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Recommendations from the 2016 event included:

  • Finding good partners in Mozambique, ensuring that everyone involved in the energy sector are rewarded
  • To promote healthy competition with sustainable funding
  • Every investment must offer a return at the same time one should ensure that the deal is acceptable to all parties
  • Investments should not be made only in mega-projects, small initiatives should be considered
  • It is extremely important to invest in education / training
  • It is important to take into account local content initiatives and corporate social responsibility projects to ensure sustainable development
  • Should be investing in infrastructure and flow logistics for companies to be more competitive
  • The Government should be aware of the political stability in order to attract more investors
  • It is necessary to control currency fluctuations
  • One of the big challenges is the formalization of artisanal miners so that they can thrive
  • It is necessary to take into account the management of environmental and social risks in all projects