Day 1
24 Apr 2018
Day 2
25 Apr 2018
Day 3
26 Apr 2018

Pre-Event Registration and set-up of Exhibition stands

Workshop on Regulatory updates on Mozambique Oil & Gas, Mining & Energy Sector

The regulatory environment governing the natural resource sector in Mozambique is evolving and, this workshop which is designed for professionals in the sector in order to help them better understand the key regulatory environment impacting the investment in the sector, from a contractual, fiscal and local procurement perspectives. Hosted & sponsored by Sal & Caldeira, a leading law firm specialised in the Natural Resources sector, the workshop will cover a range of issues which are actual and relevant for any corporation operating in the sector. Key important legal issues in the Oil & gas sector including; • General overview of the legal framework; • Key amendments introduced by the 2015 Model EPCC; and • An overview on the procurement regime: from rights to obligations, local content, licensing and compliance requirements for services companies. And key important legal issues in the Mining Sector including: • General overview of the legal framework; • Transfer of mining rights and participation interests’ procedures, operatorship, procurement and local content requirements, and • An overview on the procurement regime: from rights to obligations, local content, licensing and compliance requirements for services companies.
Marla Mandlate
Gimina Mahumana
Vanessa Chiponde
Tânia Cristina dos Anjos Santhim
Leopoldo de Amaral
Shipeni Thovela
Leonardo Nhavoto

Close of Pre-Event Registration

Plenary Session 1 – Opening Ceremony

Dr Estêvão Sumburane
David Woodgate
Hon. Ernesto Max Elias Tonela
Márcio Godoy
Mateus Magala
Steve Wilson
Omar Mithá

Inauguration of Exhibition & Morning Coffee Break

Mining Stream

Session 1a: Mozambique's Mining Sector:  An overview of the mining industry and export potential
  • Update on mineral deposits
  • Increasing geological data
  • New Mine potential
  • Meeting Industry needs
Higino Jamisse
Iain Plews
Ben Van Roon
Elias Xavier Félix Daúdi
Alok Shrivastava
Chandra Singh
Salvador Mondlane Junior

Oil, Gas, Power & Electricity Stream

Session 1b: Overview of Mozambique’s Energy Potential & Strategic Projects
  • Utilizing natural resources to increase electricity capacity
  • Updates on key power projects, across the energy mix
  • Gas enabling renewable projects
Jennifer Garvey
Hubert Naude
Ricardo Costa Pereira
Rentia van Tonder
Bruno Morgado
Mateus Magala
13:00 - 14:15


Mining Stream

Session 2a: Legal and Fiscal frameworks: Creating an attractive climate for mining exploration

Moderator: Geert Klok, Managing Director, Grafite Kropfmuehl de Moçambique, Lda
Driaan Rupping
Tânia Cristina dos Anjos Santhim
Geert Klok

Oil & Gas Stream

Session 2b: LNG Markets: The impact on current project and gas monetization strategies for the future
  • How large is the export market really?
  • Potential FID’s
  • Developments for domestic use
Jose Mendes
Chris Bredenhann
Jos Evens
Duncan Bonnett
Steve Wilson
Paul Eardley-Taylor
Omar Mithá

Power & Electricity Stream

Session 2c: Rural Electrification in Mozambique: Accelerating access to power for all communities
Kevin Kennedy
Sergio Dista
Aly Impija
Iris De Brito
Antoine Chevrier
Tânia Cristina dos Anjos Santhim
Andreas F Ziegler-Mendonça
Tom Bowker
15:30 - 16:00

Coffee Break

Mining, Oil and Gas Stream

Session 3a: Local Content Development in the extractive industries. Is it the key to strengthening the sector?
Florival Mucave
Mauricio Malate
Dr Babafemi Oyewole
Niall Cramer
Roger Tissot
His Excellency Mahaman Laouan Gaya
Dr. Victor Tivane

Power & Electricity Stream

Session 3c: Financing Power Generation Projects
  • Incentives to attract investment
  • What are investors looking for?
  • Considering alternative forms of investment
Jennifer Garvey
Carlos Yum
Zubair Suliman

End of Day 1

Welcome Coffee

Plenary Session 2

Enabling Mozambique’s Growth through Economic Policy & Investment
  • Infrastructural development and financing sustainable projects to aid in the nation’s economic growth
  • Monetary policy implications for international companies
  • Bank of Mozambique’s macroeconomic outlook
  • How Mozambique can acquire the capacity to take full advantage of its endowment akin to Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy sector
Paulo Covele
Jaime Comiche
Pietro Toigo

Coffee Break

Mining Stream

Session 5a: Key Mining Projects – Updates and planned developments   Moderator: Duncan Bonnett, Director, Africa House
Peter Canterbury
Simon Lester
Duncan Bonnett
Geert Klok

Oil & Gas Stream

Session 5b: Gas Infrastructure: Challenges and opportunities for continued development  
Simone Santi
Francisco Augusto
Nicolas Sicard
Markus Kurz
Nelia Dias
James M Hughes

Oil, Gas, Power and Electricity Stream

Session 5c: Powering Mozambique’s Industrialization:  Utilizing Natural Gas as a Catalyst for Economic Development and Diversification
Roberto Berardo
Manuel Ruas
Cyril Perrin
Ian Potgeiter

Lunch Break

Mining Stream

Session 6a: Developing Sustainable Mining Practices in Mozambique
  • Managing Local Community Expectations
  • Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Mining Operations
Caroline Amrom
Prof. Dr. Daúd Jamal
Márcio Godoy

Oil & Gas Stream

Session 6b: Creating Shared Value for Local Communities through large scale LNG projects
Friedrich Kaufmann
Simone Santi
Wilson Chafinya
Dr Babafemi Oyewole
Paulo Rage
Roger Tissot

Power & Electricity Stream

Session 6c: Renewable Energies: The potential, policies and investment opportunities
Boris Atanassov
Wilhelm Karanitsch
Lauren Thomas
Taciana Peão Lopes

End of Day 2

Conference programme

Building on the success of the previous five editions, the following topics running in three simultaneous sessions will be discussed at MMEC 2018

Oil and Gas Mozambique

  • LNG Markets: Impact on current project and gas monetization strategies for the future
  • Mozambique’s Oil & Gas Exploration outlook:E&P Plans Post 5th Licensing round.
  • Roundtable: Adding Value: Local Content in Oil and Gas: An obstacle or a necessity for a sustainable Oil and Gas industry
  • Gas Infrastructure Challenges/opportunities: Resettlement Plan
  • Development of Ports, Airports, Roads, Marine Services and Power Generation Capacity, Shared infrastructure.
  • Shared Value and Sustainability: The importance of Oil & Gas industry in contributing to a sustainable future for Mozambique
  • Technology session: Innovations that drive down costs across the LNG value chain: Drive development costs down a competitive advantage for green field projects
  • Advancing the role of SME’s in the Oil & Gas sector: how can SME’s participate to add value

Mining Mozambique

  • Mozambique’s Mining Realizing the Potential: Overview of the Geological potential of Mozambique
  • Legal and Fiscal framework affecting: Mozambique’s Mining industry
  • Roundtable: Adding value to mineral resources vs local content: Where are we now and how we can best move forward?
  • Mozambique Coal: A look into current and upcoming projects
  • Updates on other emerging Mining projects
  • Environmental impact of Mining operations and how to minimize it
  • Sustainability in Mining: Managing Local community expectations

Power Mozambique

  • Overview of Mozambique’s Power Generation potential
  • Regional integration: How Mozambique can position itself to be a leading energy provider in the region
  • Renewable Energies: Potential, Policies and Investment Opportunities
  • Roundtable: Rural Electrification: What solutions exist and how they can be applied
  • Update on key Power Projects: Current outputs and strategies for future expansion
  • Future of Gas-to-Power/ Coal to Power
  • Financing Power Generation Projects: How to access finance and how to make your project appealable to financers