Conference programme

Building on the success of the previous five editions, the following topics running in three simultaneous sessions will be discussed at MMEC 2018

Oil and Gas Mozambique

  • LNG Markets: Impact on current project and gas monetization strategies for the future
  • Mozambique’s Oil & Gas Exploration outlook:E&P Plans Post 5th Licensing round.
  • Roundtable: Adding Value: Local Content in Oil and Gas: An obstacle or a necessity for a sustainable Oil and Gas industry
  • Gas Infrastructure Challenges/opportunities: Resettlement Plan
  • Development of Ports, Airports, Roads, Marine Services and Power Generation Capacity, Shared infrastructure.
  • Shared Value and Sustainability: The importance of Oil & Gas industry in contributing to a sustainable future for Mozambique
  • Technology session: Innovations that drive down costs across the LNG value chain: Drive development costs down a competitive advantage for green field projects
  • Advancing the role of SME’s in the Oil & Gas sector: how can SME’s participate to add value

Mining Mozambique

  • Mozambique’s Mining Realizing the Potential: Overview of the Geological potential of Mozambique
  • Legal and Fiscal framework affecting: Mozambique’s Mining industry
  • Roundtable: Adding value to mineral resources vs local content: Where are we now and how we can best move forward?
  • Mozambique Coal: A look into current and upcoming projects
  • Updates on other emerging Mining projects
  • Environmental impact of Mining operations and how to minimize it
  • Sustainability in Mining: Managing Local community expectations

Power Mozambique

  • Overview of Mozambique’s Power Generation potential
  • Regional integration: How Mozambique can position itself to be a leading energy provider in the region
  • Renewable Energies: Potential, Policies and Investment Opportunities
  • Roundtable: Rural Electrification: What solutions exist and how they can be applied
  • Update on key Power Projects: Current outputs and strategies for future expansion
  • Future of Gas-to-Power/ Coal to Power
  • Financing Power Generation Projects: How to access finance and how to make your project appealable to financers