Balaclava, December 2017 –  

“Alternative Investments” have become more significant over the last few years as investors and advisors have started looking for other ways to get reasonable return on investments, apart from using the traditional equity market.

Alternative Investments can include a variety of different avenues such a products, commodities or even real estate. Because real estate is a fairly comfortable area and has a host of benefits, this is a popular choice of late. Benefits include a fairly predictable income, tax benefits and stability. Two options exist when investing in real estate, direct investment as well more publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trusts, where your money will be invested in various properties.  

These and other alternative investment avenues will be discussed at The Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Conference (PI Africa), themed Challenges and Alternative Opportunities for Development and Growth. PI Africa provides a platform to get a comprehensive view of the pension funds and African capital markets while highlighting key trends, challenges and opportunities on the continent. This event, which previously attracted 132 attendees, 34 speakers from various countries, will return for its second edition in Balaclava, Mauritius from 15 – 16 March 2018, with a specialised industry workshop taking place the day before on 14 March 2018.

PI Africa’s new programme has been formulated by an advisory committee made up of speakers from the previous edition and other industry based experts, in order to build upon topics and relevant industry content to really propel the Pension Funds & Alternative Investment environment forward. The committee includes:

  • Gosego January, CEO of Debswana Pension Fund,
  • David Ashiagbor, Making Finance Work for Africa
  • Sibusiso Lithuli, CEO of the Eskom Pension & Provident Fund
  • Hayford Amankwah, Investment Analyst, NPRA Ghana
  • Dr Barbara C Samuels II, Executive Director & Founder of Global ClearingHouse for Development Finance
  • Venessa Kangueehi, Manager of Benefits Processing Government Institutions Pension Fund – GIPF, Namibia.

Sponsored by Stenham Asset Management (SAM), the 2nd Pension Funds and Alternative Investment Africa conference will give delegates the opportunity to take part in interactive panel discussions that will give them knowledge about unlocking institutional investments, social security reforms, upcoming trends, new financing techniques and ways to diversify portfolio’s. Senior level executives and decision makers such as Asset Managers, Government Ministers, CEO’s, investors and many other stakeholders will be present to share experiences and business opportunities as well as scan the environment for current and upcoming projects in the pension fund and alternative asset space.

Programme topics will include:

  • The potential impact of pension funds on Africa’s economic development
  • Investment avenues from Mauritius to Africa focus session
  • Institutional and private investment in Southern Africa
  • West Africa’s pension market
  • Understanding the benefits of investing in hedge funds
  • Private equity as an asset class
  • Understanding investment in East African infrastructure
  • Closing the infrastructure gap
  • SWF’s, ETFs and other growing African funds

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