Due to a charged calendar of religious and public events during the period of November, we have decided to move the event to 2018 (date to be confirmed) in order to allow a more diverse and large participation of companies.

Exhibition opening hours | 09:30 – 18:30

‘’Promoting excellence in West Africa’s food & hospitality industries’’

SALORA 2017, is an all-encompassing trade event, dedicated pavilions will be demarcated for the food, hotel and restaurant industries, synchronised with targeted marketing campaigns.

It will feature a:

  • A three-day international trade show.
  • A Salon Culinaire competition, identifying the region’s best professional and amateur chefs.
  • Specialised workshops covering hospitality management, new technologies and utilising local produce.






  • Local companies can promote their products and services for international and regional trade
  • International companies will establish new distribution networks and sales outlets
  • Managers of hotels and restaurants can source equipment and services from suppliers directly rather than going to visit trade events that are taking place elsewhere

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The Organisers


Boost the development of international trade!

AME Trade is an independent organizer of high-value events in emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Our business events provide vital practical information for companies looking to diversify and position themselves to follow global trends. Through specific and tailored events based on customer needs we are now one of the key strategic business information providers for Africa, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Our services include industry conferences, trade exhibitions, training workshops and networking facilitation.

AMETrade Senegal

AMETrade Senegal is a Senegalese company specialized in the organization and management of conferences, fora, symposiums, exhibitions and other national, regional and international events. Our company also evolves in the areas of facilitating partnerships between and public and private, marketing, communication and public relations.

AMETrade Senegal is a subsidiary of AMETrade Ltd, a British company that has been organizing international events in Africa, Asia and Europe in various economic sectors for more than a decade.

AMETrade Senegal covers essentially all the West Africa regions.

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