Agenda Overview

SIEPA program will offer participants insights into the oil, gas and energy industries in Senegal and in the region, with high level panels and workshops.

Discussions at SIEPA 2019, will focus on innovative models of CSR with the aim that people can benefit fully from the resources.


“Senegal’s longest running energy, oil and gas event”


The conference program sessions will feature:

  • Interactive Presentations – Speakers will discuss their projects and future plans. A Q&A session will follow to give delegates a chance to comment and ask questions on the presentations made.
  • Open Panel Discussions – Panellists will share their opinions on specific topics through a moderated discussion among peers. The moderator will also introduce points of discussion raised by audience members.
  • Round Table Discussions – Led by an industry expert, the Audience will participate in high level discussions on the issues of the day. The more intimate nature of these sessions often rewards participants with unique insights.
  • Networking Functions – Whether it is a simple Coffee Break or a Gala Dinner, the Networking Breaks offer you a chance to meet with speakers and other participants in a less formal environment.

Would you like to Speak?

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  • The global and African oil and gas outlook
  • The role of civil society
  • The Downstream industry in West Africa
  • What markets and uses for the oil and gas discoveries?
  • What will be the contribution of oil and gas revenues in future economic development?
  • Conversation with COS PETROGAZ
  • What future for Africa’s refineries in the wake of recent closures?
  • How to ensure a satisfactory supply when facing increasing demand? The new marketing and distribution
  • Increase of production capacities: is natural gas the fuel of choice?
  • The role of renewable energy
  • Organisation of regional markets. African vision of electricity integration
  • Development of interregional power authorities
  • What are the benefits of the new energy inputs to local populations?
  • Should rural electrification take place by means of national grid extensions or of solar mini-grids