Senegal’s longest running energy, oil and gas event

SIEPA Senegal 2019 is the only event focused on Senegal’s entire energy value chain, involving not only the participation of large operators in the country, but also the National companies, Government officials, local entrepreneurs, students and civil society, ensuring a multi layered and diverse participation.





Discussions at SIEPA Senegal 2019, will focus on innovative models of CSR with the aim that people can benefit fully from the resources. 

Major energy developments in Senegal but also in Africa will be discussed at SIEPA Senegal 2019:

  • Recent oil and gas discoveries in Senegal and Mauritania but also in other sub-Saharan African
    countries (Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania) resulting in production
  • Innovative models of CSR with the aim that people can benefit fully from the resources
  • The supply of petroleum products involving the development of refining capacity as well as the development of distribution network allowing access to fuels
  • The access to energy and electricity in particular, an essential factor for development and fight against poverty
  • Access to cooking fuels

NEPAD and major international organizations are actively developing initiatives aimed at increasing the electrification rate in sub-Saharan Africa from 40% to over 80% by setting up large production units, mainly powered by natural gas through the creation of decentralized systems (solar, wind …) and by the installation of networks and interconnections.

Senegal set to become a major oil and gas producer