Guinea's Mineral Resources


  • World reserves of bauxite with under 1% exploited, a high-quality bauxite with a relatively high alumina content, of 40% to over 50%.
  • Bauxite deposits do not require complex extraction techniques; extraction costs are relatively low
  • The government goal is to pass 18 million tons a year to date over 50 million tons in 2020;
  • The Government has adopted a master plan for infrastructures in order to allow cost sharing for developers

Iron Ore

  • Some of the best untapped iron ore deposits: Simandou North, Nimba, Zogota, others.
  • High grade deposits > 60% iron content


  • All the Guinean gold mines are open pit exploitation
  • The Birimian gold belt still has to unlock its full potential
  • Gold remains a safe haven for long term investors
  • Skilled labour available



  • Two types of deposits: Primary and Secondary
  • The primary deposits: Kimberlite ( good prospect for discovery)
  • Secondary deposits: source of the actual Guinean production

Other Resources

  • Uranium: Kissidougou-Kérouané-Mali
  • Base metals (nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese…): Good indicators in the Kakoulima moutains, Koundara, Boffa, Kissidougou-Faranah
  • Rare Earths: Some serious indicators have been pointed out by geologists in many areas of Guinea particulary Macenta-Kissidougou-Kérouané
  • Graphite:   Good indicators are known in Nzerekoré