SMG 2017 will unveil many opportunities for investment in the Guinean mining sector

The construction of a world class laboratory in Guinea

Every year some 800 000 samples are exported outside of the country for analysis.

The government plans to construct a world class laboratory under a PPP arrangement.

The SMG Mining Data Room

At SMG 2017, the mining data room will be an area used to gather information on new potential mining projects in the Republic of Guinea. Geological data will be presented by local permit holders who are looking for investment or project partnership. Data will be available before the event for potential investors to study.

Infrastructure projects to be promoted at SMG 2017

  • Infrastructure is a key priority for the government of Guinea. As a result, infrastructure projects are highly encouraged and facilitated through Public-Private-Partnerships
  • It is important that existing and future infrastructure is shared to make sure it is used efficiently. An agreement allowing the joint-use of infrastructure of the National Agency for Development of Mining Infrastructure (ANAIM) was signed (2015).The infrastructure includes the Sangarédi, Kamsar railway and the port of Kamsar in the Boké region. Their use will now be shared by the Guinea Bauxite Company (CBG), the Dian Dian Bauxite Company (COBAD), and Guinea Alumina Corporation SA (GAC)
  • The World Bank recently conducted a study on the benefits on infrastructure sharing and developed a Master Mining Infrastructure Plan axed on 3 Growth Corridors including:
  • The Northern Growth Corridor: With the Kamsar-Sangarédi railway and the port of Kamsar;
  • The Central Growth Corridor: With the old Conakry-Niger railway, the port of Conakry, the SBK railway and the Fria railway;
  • The Southern Growth Corridor: With the future Transguinean railway and the future deepwater port in the prefecture of Forécariah.