What's new for 2017

Stronger focus on renewable energy projects

We will take a closer look at investable power and mining projects in the region

A session is dedicated to local skills development for economic growth

A discussion on how large power users can increase productivity and add to the power grid through strategic IPPs and PPPs

Consideration will be given to how the mining industry can be substantiated and supported by creating a solid local manufacturing sector

What Makes Zimec Unique

Established high-level international event promoting and focusing on the Zambian mining and energy sectors

Unrivalled networking opportunity, featuring numerous social functions

Attended by the top decision makers from both private and public sectors

The 2016 event was host to 300 visitors, 235 delegates, 43 exhibitors, 35 speakers, 22 media partners and 4 sponsors

Excellent global media coverage

Outcomes from discussions at the event will be used with additional information to assist the further development of both sectors

Why Mining in Zambia

A new analysis of mining in Zambia for the past 100 years shows a clear historical link between levels of mining investment and wider economic development. 

According to an academic paper entitled Copper Mining in Zambia – history and future*, when mining investment is sustained and high, there is growth not just in the mining sector, but also in the broader economy in jobs, new businesses and the overall prosperity of the population.

When mining investment declines, it’s not just the mining sector that is affected but the entire economy, along with the material well-being of the population.

Copper mining is the major economic activity in Zambia, however the government is trying to diversify its economy to agriculture and tourism, after the copper mining industry faced its worst run in 2015 due to dropping metal prices on the international market.

ZIMEC will address the key challenges, diversifying from the reliance on copper to other natural resources such as emeralds, and other quality gemstones, as well as local content and attracting investment into the mining sector.

*Copper Mining in Zambia – history and future, by Jackson Sikamo, Alex Mwanza and Cade Mweemba, was published in the journal of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Why Power Zambia

Reduced water levels at hydropower plants across the country, caused by adverse weather conditions, have highlighted Zambia’s over reliance on hydro energy for electricity generation. However, this has opened way for Zambia to look to alternative energy resources, such as wind and sunlight to supplement Zambia’s power grid, and increasing its capacity in times of water shortage.

POWER ZAMBIA 2017, taking place at the ZIMEC event, will bring together senior representatives from the key stakeholders of Zambia’s energy sector to address some of these key issues affecting power generation, while showcasing the growing opportunities in the renewable energy sector in order to create a sustainable energy mix.

During POWER ZAMBIA 2017, industry leaders will look at what needs to be done to develop a maintainable renewable energy programme, how large power users can increase their productivity through IPPs and PPPs, and highlight bankable energy projects in the region.