Day 1
21 Jun 2018
Day 2
22 Jun 2018

Registration and refreshments

Opening Ceremony

Welcome remarks and keynote addresses from sponsors and governments entities

Official visit and group photo

10:30 - 11:00

Coffee Break

SESSION 1: Collaborating To Create Cost Competitive And Mutually Beneficial Regulatory Frameworks

11.00 Opening Presentation: The role of mineral development and power generation in advancing Zambia's economy

11:40 Presentation: Navigating Zambia's legal and fiscal regimes

Langiwe Lungu, Executive Director, Energy Regulatory Board

12:00 Keynote Q&A Panel: Establishing the regulatory foundations for sustainable & diversified mining and energy industries


Langiwe Lungu, Executive Director, Energy Regulatory Board

John Gladstone, Head of Government Relations, FQM

  • Initial views on the results of the cost of service study
  • How can mining and energy industries work together to improve efficiency and cost-effectively manage demand?
  • What is the scope for importing energy from other countries?
  • Reviewing tariff support systems, the long-term impact on energy prices and the knock-on effect for industry
  • Assessing tax regimes and incentives- help or a hindrance for current and future projects?
  • As competition for FDI increases, what are the next steps to ensure Zambia remains an attractive destination for investment?
John Gladstone
Langiwe Lungu
12:40 - 13:40

Networking Lunch

Stream One: Mining


13:40 Presentation: Lessons learned from Chile: how sustainable mining and consistent fiscal policies create tangible benefits for all stakeholders

14:00 Presentation: Opportunities for diversification: Zambia’s geological potential

14:20 Panel discussion: Growing the mining sector by enhancing existing operations and diversification

·             Learning from the copper industry- what can new players expect in Zambia?
·             As the price of copper recovers, can we expect an upturn?
·             Understanding the environmental monitoring processes and requirements
·             Overview of timelines to acquire a prospecting license
·             Reviewing the impacts of mineral royalty tax rates and value added tax refunds
·             Assessing the effectiveness of sliding scale taxation against current commodity cycles 
·             Outlook for the future: can Zambia’s mining sector grow in the current regulatory environment?
Victor Lusambo
Sam Ash
Jackson Sikamo

Stream Two: Power Zambia


13:40 Presentation: ZESCO as a strong strategic partner for existing and new power developers

14:00 Presentation: Updates to the Electricity Services Access project- the next steps to rural electrification

14:20 Panel discussion: Working together to create a durable energy grid

·Review of plans to update and expand the grid
·Improving the connection of low-voltage power through new transformer technologies
·Steps to lowering the cost of connection to the grid
·Reducing transmissions costs by increasing generation capacity in the North
·The pros and cons of ‘off-grid’ solutions and mini-grids when increasing access to power
·Assessing cost-effective solutions to guarantee grid-stability over an extended period of time
Geoffery Musonda

SESSION 4: Afternoon Coffee Break With Roundtable Discussions

15:00 Roundtable discussions

Led by an expert speaker, each roundtable will provide delegates with an opportunity to delve deeper into the controversial issues discussed throughout the conference. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered and connect with future partners- all whilst enjoying some refreshments of course.

Mining Roundtables

1. Creating fair and competitive mining regulations and tax regimes

Lisa Kasonde, President, Law Association of Zambia

2. Reviewing opportunities to add value to the copper industry

Evert Swanepoel, Centre Director, Copper Development Association

3. Highlighting the value of mining to local communities

Siforiano Banda, National Coordinator, EITI Zambia

Energy Roundtables

1. Understanding energy regulations and tariffs to enhance project developments

2. Accessing financing for existing and new energy projects

3. Establishing a reliable and sustainable energy mix

Leader: Bernard Tembo, Research Fellow, ZIPAR

16:00 Roundtable Roundups (5 minutes each)

Each roundtable leader will have 5 minutes to summarize what their group discussed to the other delegates.

Lisa Kasonde
Bernard Tembo
Siforiano Banda
Evert Swanepoel

Chairman’s closing remarks and close of conference day 1


Cocktail Reception

SESSION 5: Financing Energy And Mining Projects

09:00 Keynote presentation: The future of investment in Zambia’s mining and energy industries

09:20 Presentation: What are investors looking for?- An overview of the key success factors for raising capital

09:40 Investor Q&A panel: Raising capital to launch new projects and accessing mitigation pools to de-risk operations

  • How can macroeconomic stability help progress energy and mining projects?
  • Investment hotspots- where is the next pipeline of projects coming from?
  • Effects of commodity price cycles on investors’ appetite for financing mining projects
  • Reviewing insurance options and RPGs to mitigate late or non-payments for PPPs
  • What are the next steps of the REFIT strategy?
  • How can energy and mining companies quantify a project’s impact on sustainable development goals?
Inge Stølen
Andreas Zahner
Will Pearson
10:20 - 10:50

Coffee Break

SESSION 6: Developing Local Content Initiatives To Promote Inclusive And Sustainable Growth

10:50 Presentation: The changing face of the Zambian workforce as energy and mining industries adapt to new market conditions

Dr. Kawunga Nyirenda, Dean- Department of Mining and Minerals, Copperbelt University

President, Kitwe Chamber of Commerce

11:10 Presentation: Developing local supply chains through mutually beneficial partnerships

11:30 Q&A Panel discussion: Shaping local content: reconciling the needs of government, local communities and international companies

  • Update on current foreign and local labour quotas
  • Overview of current local mining and energy services- what is there and what gaps need to be filled?
  • The business case for engaging local suppliers- a chance to lower costs?
  • Partnering with local communities to develop training initiatives- what is needed and how can this be met?
Dr. Kawunga Nyirenda
12:10 -13:30

Networking lunch

Stream One: Mining


13:30 Presentation: Zambia’s promising progress to improve transparency in mining

Siforiano Banda, National Coordinator, EITI Zambia

13:50 Case Study: The Utilisation of GCCM’s in New Mining Infrastructure and Remediation of Existing Operational Infrastructure

Simon Lester, Business Development Manager, Concrete Canvas

14:10 Q&A Panel discussion: Underlining the in-country value created through sustainable mining


Simon Njovu, President, Small Scale Miners Association of Zambia

Wilfred Lombe, Independent Consultant

Siforiano Banda, National Coordinator, EITI Zambia

Simon Lester, Business Development Manager, Concrete Canvas

  • Improving public understanding of mining revenues
  • How the development of small scale mining operations has contributed to national development
  • How have mining companies created business model that contribute to local and economic development?
  • Upcoming expansion plans: how will these enable Zambia’s long-term economic growth?
Simon Lester
Siforiano Banda
Dr Wilfred C. Lombe
Simon Njovu

Stream Two: Power Zambia


13:30 Case Study: Harnessing the potential of solar energy to increase generation capacity

13:50 Case Study: Biomass as a new form of baseload generation

14:10 Panel discussion: Turning talk into action: the next steps in creating a climate resilient energy mix

• Overview of current and upcoming generation projects

• What needs done to progress projects to the next stage of development?

• Stricking the balance between renewables and new baseload generation methods

• Improving infrastructure to facilitate project development

Thomson Skinkala
William Dryer
14:50 - 15:10

Coffee Break


15:10 Presentation: Developing local supply chains through mutually beneficial partnerships

James Blewett, Team Leader, Private Enterprise Program Zambia

15:30 Closing Panel discussion (with Q&A): What have we learnt and where do we go from here?

James Blewett, Team Leader, Private Enterprise Program Zambia

• Overview of current local mining and energy services- what is there and what gaps need to be filled?

• Understanding the procurement policy of mining and energy companies

• How will the energy supply chain adapt to new projects coming online?

• What will change in the mining value chain as the industry diversifies?

• What are procurement managers looking for in a new supplier?

• The business case for engaging local suppliers- a chance to lower costs?

James Blewett

Closing Remarks

Close of conference day 2


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