Africa PPP, the established Infrastructure Investment Partnership conference, accelerating infrastructure and energy projects across Africa!

Inaugurated in 2009, the African Infrastructure Investment Partnership Conference, Africa PPP, will be celebrating its 11th edition on 22 – 24 October 2019.

Since its first edition, Africa PPP has emphasized and strengthened the Infrastructure Investment Partnerships. It has gathered every year Government Officials, Project Owners, Financiers, Partners, Developers and Advisors to stimulate the advancement of infrastructure and energy projects on the continent and identify the current PPP market challenges and opportunities.
The conference has become the established platform for reducing the infrastructure gap by using a collaborative approach between the public and private sector to effectively, efficiently and economically implement Infrastructure Projects.


Africa is home to four of the world’s ten fastest-growing economies. To achieve greater economic growth and increased competitiveness, it’s imperative that the development of physical infrastructure continue to be one of the key priorities for the African region. Hampered growth is only one of the consequences from not investing in physical infrastructure, developing water and sanitation infrastructure is crucial to the increase of quality of life for the populations.

The infrastructure and energy requirements are exponentially growing in Africa and the Government Funding are not enough to cover these needs. 


Over the years, a strong partnership between the public and the private sector as proved to be a fundamental element in the delivery and implementation of significant infrastructure projects under the PPP framework. Governments around the African continent have spent the last 10 years developing their PPP units, revising and re-working PPP frameworks. Some countries, strong advocate of PPPs, are shifting to another PPP model of structuring finance for infrastructure projects. Nowadays, the traditional PPP model is no longer the only efficient framework used by the public and private sectors to partner and develop infrastructure projects.

Africa PPP 2019 will expand the dialogue between the investors, projects owners and developers to analyse the different approaches from traditional to innovative PPP mechanisms to find sustainable solutions for the implementation of infrastructure and energy projects.

"Optimising Projects, Structures & Sources of Finance for Infrastructure & Energy Projects beyond PPPs"

Water Infrastructure

Of the natural resources that exist in the world, none is more precious than water for human beings. Access to clean water is a challenge in rural communities and, with the threat of climate change, it is also a very real risk for large metropolis’ in Africa. In Cape Town, South Africa, where the 11th APPP is being held, earlier this year the population endured a crisis of Water Supply.

Wastewater management and Sanitation is also one of the key concerns in the continent. With the African continent boasting one of the highest population growth rates and with perspectives of industrialization only to increase, Wastewater management will become an ever-growing concern. Not only is it good practice to address this early, to ensure the adequate health standards in urban centers, but an economic argument can also be made. Not only less sick people means less strain on Government Health Centers, but also the water can be used to irrigate agricultural land, reducing the need for fresh water, along with other applications, including of the residues themselves.

There’s no doubt that the international markets’ appetite for Water infrastructure investment is increasing, but there are still reservations, including that of the level of risk vs the potential returns from Water infrastructure projects.

As one of the sectors highlighted on the 2019 edition of APPP, the program will look into viable water infrastructure projects, the technologies to overcome current challenges, investment and partnership opportunities.

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Energy Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure is not only one of the key necessary components for an active and competitive industry, but also essential to increases living standards for the population in general.

Historically, much of energy infrastructure investment in Africa has been focused on renewable energy. In fact, one in particular, Hydropower. Hydropower is still very relevant to Africa today, where it can contribute not only to power but as a measure to manage water supply and floods.

Today, utilities in Africa are seeking to diversify their options in terms of energy. We can see today PPPs being leveraged for Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Geothermal plants, Clean Coal plants and Gas to Power plants.

As one of the sectors highlighted on the 2019 edition of APPP, the event will feature viable Energy infrastructure projects, the technologies that make overcoming challenges in different regions in Africa more feasible, investment and partnership opportunities.

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Transport Infrastructure

One of the essential components of commerce, and therefore a competitive economy, is the ability to move goods from one place to another.

Africa is gifted with immense wealth in terms of natural resources, yet these are not always in the most accessible locations and large exploration projects have been put on hold due to lack of transportation infrastructure. While companies that explore in remote areas are naturally expecting for the surrounding infrastructure to be poor, if not non-existent, they are also often surprised that the nearest port might not have the exporting capacity, and that getting to the second nearest point will incur in costs that will make the whole ordeal not cost effective.

Perhaps an extreme example, but there is no doubt that some of the existing transport infrastructure is getting old and, in some cases, no longer suited for the industrial and commercial developments that occurred in the region. Transportation infrastructure is also key to increasing the quality of life in populations. Transports that can connect people to their workplaces, health services, schools, markets, visit family in other countries, etc.

Airports, Ports, Rail, Roads, Urban Transport Network, etc. With population growth and economies developing the need for modern and more access points of transport can provide opportunities of investment for PPPs.

As one of the sectors highlighted on the 2019 edition of APPP, the event will feature viable Energy infrastructure projects, the technologies that make overcoming challenges in different regions in Africa more feasible, investment and partnership opportunities.

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Ministers and senior officials from African government bodies (Finance, Transport, Railways, Road, Health, etc)
PPP Units
African utilities and regulatory bodies
National Treasury’s
National Banks
Private Equity and Debt investors

Construction and Engineering companies
Law firms
Multilaterals and DFI’s
Institutional investors: Pension funds, insurance companies, commercial banks, mutual funds and hedge funds
Strategic Planning & Business Unit


Financial Institutions
Industry Consultancies
Multilateral Agencies

Oil & Gas
Hospitality and tourism
Agriculture & food
Water services
Manufacturing and industrialisation
Office space


Chairman/President/Heads of national departments
VPs and CEOs
Senior Mangers
Finance and Investment Officers
Fund Managers
Infrastructure Specialists
Energy Specialists

Project Finance Specialists
Project and Programme Managers
Directors of PPP/PFI projects
Heads of national banks
Partners and senior associates
Risk Analysts


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