AMC 2019

1st Angolan Mining Conference & Exhibition

Luanda, Republic of Angola
20 – 21 November 2019

About AMC 2019


  • Inform stakeholders of the reforms to facilitate investment in the mining sector
  • Identify innovative financing solutions which can be applied to both large and small-scale mining projects and services
  • Improve both the quality and access to data relating to Angola’s geological infrastructure
  • Diversification of Angola’s mining sector analysing new opportunities for mineral exploration and production
  • Create linkages between the mining sector and other sectors to stimulate diverse economic activities.
  • Add value to Angola’s mining production through local transformation
  • Protect the social and natural environment through local content development, good practise and sustainability





A snapshot of Angola’s mineral resources, rich potential, unexploited resources.


  • Only 40 percent of its diamond resources have been explored and they represent the country’s second leading export after oil.
  • World’s fifth-largest producer of diamonds, 60 percent of the country’s diamond resources are not yet utilized. Angola’s diamonds represent 9% of the total worldwide value with its high-quality diamonds.
  • Angola plans to double diamond production to 14 million carats during the next four years. Large discoveries have been recently made, including: a 46-carat pink diamond in the Lulo mine which has produced 10 diamonds in excess of 100-carats.
  • Diamond producers will be able to choose their own buyers with prices comparable to international benchmarks, thereby gaining a better return on their mineral production and investments. This will have the knock-on effect creating new projects in the region and increasing Angola’s diamond exports.
  • Endiama announced that it has made several kimberlite and alluvial projects will be available for investors, namely Camafuca-Camazambo, Mulepe, Chiri, Sangamina, and Tchegi, and four alluvial concessions at Muanga, Cabula, Sanjungo, and Muriege.


  • The Copper Belt found in Zambia and DR Congo extends into the Angolan territory by approximately 116.000 square kilometres. Therefore, the potential is huge for exploration and production
  • Export opportunities and access to market are facilitated by Angola’s long coastline vis a vis, Zambia (landlocked) and DR Congo ( 25 mile coastline)

Iron Ore

  • In the 1960s, Angola was a major exporter of iron ore. Angola has proven deposits of iron ore.
  • The study at the Kassala Kitungo iron ore project indicates total resources of 217 million tonnes (Mt), with an annual production estimate of 6Mt per annum (Mtpa). Kassinga possesses already a rail, road network and two airfields as well as housing and infrastructure in place.

Gold and other resources

  • The Mpopo gold project will be the first of its kind since independence, it is an opencast mine near Jamba, the first phase is expected to produce about 22 000 ounces per annum.
  • Angola possesses a diverse range of other opportunities such as precious metals, base metals, dimension stones, as well as others needed for industrial development.
  • A rare earths project is currently being developed at the Longonjo deposit with an inferred resource of 240-million tonnes 

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