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JMP, an established event in the global mining industry.

The 8th edition of the Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (JMP 2019) is organized by the Ministry of Mines & Petroleum, Mali in association with AME Trade Ltd, under the theme “Sustainably developing Mali’s mining sector for the benefit of future generations”.

Mali is a global mining power, confidently entering its next stage of growth. Renowned as the third largest gold producer in Africa, the country will enter a new stage in 2020 with the production of large lithium resources for electric vehicles. Learn more about it at JMP 2019.

AMC, the official Mining Conference organised with the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Angola.

The inaugural Angola Mining Conference and Exhibition will take place in Luanda at the prestigious Talatona Convention Center, under the theme “Unlocking national mining sector potential through investment & diversification”.

Angola has it all: Mineral resources, unlimited potential and proven infrastructures. During the two day conference, the Angolan government will reveal its priorities, policies and new opportunities for mining investment while key mining stakeholders will promote their projects, services and equipments to a predefined audience of industry experts during the two day exhibition.

Learn more about Angola, an attractive mining destination for investors, at AMC 2019.

EIMC, the only mining dedicated conference in Ethiopia.

The 2nd Ethiopian International Mining Conference & Exhibition (EIMC 2019) is organised by the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in association with AME Trade Ltd, United Kingdom under the theme “Transforming potential into production by creating an attractive mining investment framework”.

With untapped potential, investment security and a sound infrastructure, Ethiopia is creating a globally competitive mining investment framework to facilitate the exploration of its large and various minerals resources: gold, gemstone, tantalum, lithium, etc. EIMC will unveil the Ethiopian government’s new investment opportunities and key mining industry projects.

Discover Africa’s ideal new mining destination at EIMC 2019.

MMEC, Mozambique’s longest running Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas event!

Since 2008, the Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition, has been covering the key developments, policies and projects in Mozambique’s extractive industries; becoming an important networking platform for all stakeholders, and showcasing the huge opportunities in these critical sectors of the national economy.

Under the theme “Utilizing Natural Resources as the Catalyst for Economic Development and Diversification”, MMEC 2020 will feature the government commitment to use the country’s natural resources for socioeconomic transformation. It will also showcase mining projects from leading corporate players while seeking to understand plans & vision for building the workforce, diversity and future talent.

Hear more about Mozambique’s investment opportunities into the extractive industry at MMEC 2020.

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