Mines and geology, factors for progress and employment in an emerging Senegal

SIM Senegal is a bi-annual mining event organised by the Ministry of Industry & Mines, Senegal in association with AME Trade Ltd. The event has established itself as one of the largest mining events in West Africa and is the only event supported by the Senegalese government dedicated to expanding the country’s mining sector providing unparalleled insight into the new mining code implemented in March 2017.

Sim Senegal 2018 was officially inaugurated by H.E. the President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Macky Sall.

Senegal is the ideal place to host a mining event as it is one of the stellar economic performers of West Africa and a haven for investors. Exploration is going on in full scale in the country and several mining giants such as Toro Gold and Bassari Resources move into production. As well as gold, the nation is also rich in iron ore with an estimated 75- million tonnes of reserves and grand Cote Operations have found promising Zircon reserves, North of Dakar. Implementation of the mining code in March 2017 promoting transparency and sustainability have also attracted investment as it shows the political will of the government to further exploration and production.

SIM Senegal 2018 will concentrate on new developments and investment for further growth and expansion of the Senegalese mining sector. The conference will focus on the new mining code and how it can benefit both the country’s social and economic development and the profitability of the mining houses. The informative sessions will also look into the long-term aspect of the industry by delving into the idea of investing in renewable energies to create cheaper onsite generation capacity for the mining house and there contributing to sustainability. The updated and saleable programme will ensure that the right people attend i.e. principal audience of mining houses, ministers and investors.

Business Matchmaking

Networking is one of the key facets of SIM Senegal, thereby, providing an invaluable platform for maximising networking opportunities throughout the event. The event’s new Business Matchmaking concept is to make these business interactions more targeted and decisive so that you meet your objectives!

  • Organise meetings with the right connections. Target participants in similar industries, related interests and prospective opportunities.
  • Schedule your own personal meetings with other attendees.
  • Arrange your own high-value onsite meetings in one place leading more deals and business prospects.
  • The digital platform enables you to get in touch with your targeted audience pre-event through emails so you can start developing a relationship. 
  • Once registered, delegates will be able to access the matchmaking platform.

For more details, please contact senegal@ametrade.org

Roundtable Discussions

This is a great addition to the 5th edition of SIM Senegal. It gives miners, investors and government officials and all stakeholders of the mining industry to learn and discuss investment opportunities, upcoming and development of projects, intricacies if the new mining code and long-term sustainability plans in an informal environment.

For more details, please contact senegal@ametrade.org



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