Over the 2 days of conference and 2 concurrent streams, ZIMEC 2019 featured 50+ industry experts addressing the hard-hitting topics crucial to advancing the mining and power projects, key to Zambia’s sustainable development. The event has served the region’s mining and energy communities with an authoritative and lucrative platform to brand, learn and synergise with the promulgators of the industry.

Integrating and developing the mining and energy sectors are crucial drivers in the path of Zambia’s sustainable development.

Mining in Zambia:

An upward trend in commodity prices and an upsurge in mineral production have led to a renewed optimism in Zambia’s mining sector. This has led to mining companies aiming for strong earnings growth in the next coming years. ZIMEC 2019 has addressed the key areas for economic diversification from copper to other minerals and gemstones. ZIMEC 2019 also looked into capital investment in the mining sector to ensure further local participation and the country’s development of a downstream industry.

Zambia Key Mining facts:

  • 7th largest copper producer in the world, with 10% of the world’s deposits.
  • 3rd largest cobalt producer in Africa.
  • 3rd largest emerald producer in the world

Power Zambia 2019:

Zambia one of the leading African nations in developing their renewable energy sector in order to create and progress towards an ideal sustainable energy mix. Opportunities are massive where large power users can increase their productivity through IPPs and PPPs, and highlight bankable energy projects in the region. POWER ZAMBIA 2019 has once again brought together industry experts and notable professionals from the energy sector to address some of the key issues affecting power generation.

Renewable Power on the rise:

  • $50 million frameworks have been approved by AFDB to finance 100 MW of renewable energy projects, primarily solar photovoltaic projects.
  • Foreign investment include support from the US for Zambia’s first independent wind power plant, making it the largest renewable energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa.


The mining and energy industry focussed Investor & Project Platforms is a new feature in ZIMEC 2019. Focussing on the main concept of connecting companies to investors, we provided a podium for interested companies to compete and pitch their projects or business ideas to a panel of investors who would judge and provide them with feedback.


Networking is one of the key facets of ZIMEC, thereby, providing an invaluable platform for maximising opportunities throughout the event. Once registered, delegates were able to access the matchmaking platform.

Zambia‘s renewable energy sector has rapidly emerged as a global leader. The country is at the forefront in attracting investment for a sustainable energy sector fostering economic development and mitigating the country’s power deficit. ZIMEC 2019 offered a site visit to show the potential in Zambia’s energy Industry. 

View the Gallery for more visuals on ZIMEC 2019 site visit. 

ZIMEC 2019 was hosted at the luxurious Radisson Blu Hotel with the state of the art equipment and facilities.

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