Who we are

AME Trade Ltd was founded in 2006 with the specific aim of creating quality country & industry-specific B2B events and digital connect marketing services. We are a leading independent company empowering trade development & investments through the organisation of conferences & trade events, along with complimentary valuable business intelligence reports, capacity building training programmes and digital connect marketing services in the African emerging markets.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Conference & Exhibition Organisers in 29 African Countries, in the Mining, Energy, Finance and Oil&Gas sectors. View our events calendar >>> We are fortunate to collaborate and partner with some of the leading industry experts, financial development institutions and public sector stakeholders across the continent, as well as local SME’s for our events.


Use the map below and select the sectors to see our footprint.


Our events are supported and endorsed by relevant government ministries and other institutional partners, meaning we can guarantee the participation of high-level delegations. We have also developed strong relationships with important private sector players who return to support our events year after year, ensuring multi-layered networking opportunities. Last but not least, we’re always working in close partnerships with relevant local organisers and international media for the effective planning and promotion of our events.


What We Do

Leveraging on our expertise in the Mining, Energy, Finance, Infrastructure and Oil&Gas sectors, we offer a large range of services to continue empowering trade development in Africa.
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Our mission is to educate, innovate, connect, and enable you to establish meaningful business relations in these rapidly developing and dynamic African markets. With established communities and comprehensive industry contacts across our core sectors, we provide you access to qualified senior decision-makers in the industry.

Continuously aiming at supporting your business, all our events have various participating options:

Speaker: Share your knowledge to a targeted audience
Sponsor: Boost your company image & get qualified leads
Attendee: Listen to industry experts & network with your peers


What We Offer


With more than 20 years of working experiences, we excel in organising B2B events featuring simultaneously conference and exhibition in the African emerging markets, bringing all industry stakeholders together through a range of tailored participating packages.

Our events have been helping industry actors to grow their business and improving the trade performance of economic areas in different sectors across the continent.

We are in a unique position to boost our clients’ corporate image in established and new markets, as well as attract notable keynote speakers and allow every participant to meet his industry peers through diversified networking features.


We empower trade development & investment not only through live events but also through online webinars. Now organising series of webinars in our core sectors, we enable our partners to expand their business connections across the industries and markets. See our upcoming webinars here >>>>

Our webinars offer tailored opportunities for knowledge and expertise sharing within a well targeted audience.

By sponsoring or speaking at our webinars you position your company as thought leader and reach a broader audience who can view, listen, and interact with your presentation. The attendees of our webinars can learn from leading experts and gain exclusive information first-hand.


Thanks to our international partners and well-connected stakeholders, we continuously assess the industry needs to provide the most specialised online and offline trainings, within our focus sectors, by defining the best industry practices and sharing knowledge.

By participating in our training, you will benefit from raising your technical, legal and financial skills, as well as gaining a competitive edge to maximise business opportunities.

With proven experience of organising capacity building training programmes, we now offer this service on online platforms. We organise online training on our client’s behalf to boost their business and reach wide audience of high-level sector industry professionals actively operating in the Mining, Energy, Finance and Oil&Gas sectors.

Online Trainings – NEW Service provided by AME Trade!


Our company mission, through our quality country and industry specific B2B events, is to educate and share advanced knowledge on African emerging markets. We are now going even further by creating our own Report on Africa. Subscribe to our newsletter >>>>>

Thanks to our large and specific network of industry experts, we want to share valuable business intelligence insights from high-level leading experts widely operating in the Mining, Energy, Finance and Oil&Gas industries & markets.

Stay alert to have access to concessional map, legal code, stakeholder’s directory, projects database, latest sector news, highlights on the key countries of the month, opinion articles from main stakeholders in the industry and much more.


An Impact that Matters

We always strive to make an impact that matters by using the organisation of events in Africa to benefit the local economy, to involve wherever possible indigenous suppliers and using locally produced sustainable materials. This characterizes who we are and gives us our organisational purpose: serving our clients, motivating our people and contributing to society. We believe that it’s only when we act responsibly in all the different aspects that we merit the respect of the business and broader community. Consequently, we pursue excellence and constant improvement in: