AME Trade is a fast-growing independent business-to-business event organiser in the emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East and South America.

AME Trade is specialising in organising bespoke conferences, trade exhibitions, training workshops and networking functions within the following sectors: 



What Sets Us Apart?

Our knowledge and experience of organising events in developing countries is second to none. We possess more than 16 years of working experience in over 30 African, Middle Eastern and South American countries; we understand and respect the individual needs of our partners in each one. We are in a unique position to boost our clients’ corporate image in new markets, as well as attract notable keynote speakers.

Most of our events are organised in association with government ministries and other institutional partners, meaning we can guarantee the participation of high-level delegations. We have also developed strong relationships with important private sector players who return to support our events year after year, ensuring multi-layered networking opportunities. We are well attuned to relevant local and international media for the effective promotion of our events.


Understanding The Power Of Well Orchestrated Face-to-face Meetings

Our business to business events provide vital practical information for companies looking to diversify and realign their business strategies to keep up with fast-moving global trends. Through sector specific and country focused events, we are now one of the leading providers of strategic business intelligence for the African, Middle Eastern and South American regions.

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