The 4th Senegal International Real Estate, Housing & Construction Exhibition & Conference (SENHABITAT 2022) event is organized by the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Hygiene, Republic of Senegal, in partnership with AME Trade Ltd. Under the theme: “The importance of building a sustainable and affordable post COVID Senegalese housing market”, SENHABITAT will focus on the current issues as well as government plans to build affordable housing in Dakar, exhibitions and the chance to collaborate with the government on major housing projects.

20 - 22 October 2022

Dakar, Republic of Senegal

Face to Face Conference


The 13th Africa Public Private Partnership Conference, Africa PPP, is under the theme “Accelerating Project Delivery and Partnerships”  and has Morocco as the Host Partner of Choice. The event will comprise certified training on PPP and a 2-day conference. It will feature active and upcoming projects in renewable energy, waste to energy, wastewater, bulk water, bulk transport and infrastructure and spotlight new projects in social service PPP’s.

25 - 27 October 2022

Marrakech, Morocco

Face to Face Conference

ZIMEC 2022

The 10th edition of Zambia International Mining and Energy Conference and Exhibition will continue on 1-3 November 2022. This edition is under the theme: “Diversifying Zambia ’s mineral resources and energy mix to stimulate economic growth”. For the past 9 years, AME Trade, the Zambian Government and the Chamber of Mines, have strived to enhance the mining and energy industries, by bringing all stakeholders together at the Zambia International Mining and Energy Conference and Exhibition, ZIMEC.

01 - 03 November 2022

Kitwe, Zambia

Face-to-Face Conference

SMG 2022

The 7th Symposium Mines Guinea is West Africa’s largest mining event and the second largest on the African continent. This edition is under the main theme of this edition is “Optimizing linkages with the mining industry to catalyse the social economic development of Guinea. The event is organised by the Ministry of Mines & Geology, Republic of Guinea, in association with AME Trade Ltd. SMG is West Africa’s largest mining event and the second largest on the African continent.

15 - 17 November 2022

Conakry, Republic of Guinea

Face to Face Conference


The Ministry of Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Congo and AME Trade Ltd are delighted to announce that the 5th edition of the Congo’s International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, CIEHC 5. CIEHC is the official platform for the government to share and discuss its vision for the future of the national oil and gas industry with the key stakeholders in the country. Building on the success of the previous editions, over 650 participants at the last edition, CIEHC is renowned as the official meeting place of Congo’s Oil & Gas Industry.

30 November - 02 December 2022

Brazzaville, Congo

Face-to-Face Conference

Project Preparation Masterclass

After discussions with a variety of advisory and investment institutions, and to further attract investment to projects, the ABR secretariat in association with Afreximbank designed “Project Preparation Masterclass”. The masterclass will equip participants with the basic understanding and need for proper project preparation as key steps towards the presentation of bankable projects to financiers and introduce participants to the critical project preparation.

27 July 2022

Online Training



The 5th edition of the Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Conference (PI Africa) is an annual event and the only dedicated conference for the sector in the continent. It is organised by AME Trade Ltd under the theme: “Navigating the Recovery – Investing in Alternatives for Higher Returns and Sustainability”. The event will feature 2 days of a dedicated Conference, Special focus will be on the opportunity presented by alternative investments to achieve higher risk adjusted returns and foster sustainable development.

14 - 15 July 2022

Balaclava, Mauritius

Face-to-Face Conference

Testimonials from PIAFRICA 2022


“Thank you for the opportunity to participate – from what I could see it was a really well organised, professional event and it was evident that the attendees enjoyed and found benefit from it. Good luck for the next event!” Dr Ronel Williams, Head of Client Legal & Administration, Trust|Qore

“It was a pleasure attending the 5th Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Conference and being part of your amazing team. I really enjoyed my time with you and interacting with the participants. There are a lot of takeaway lessons which I will apply in my professional life, at Kwacha Pension Trust Fund and the pension association in Zambia. I look forward to attending the 6th edition of the conference next year.” Nchimunya Monde, Kwacha Pension Trust Fund

“The speakers, topics and engagement have been too class. Really seeing the potential that a conference like this can unlock.”

“My first attendance to this event, great networking opportunity with insightful information shared from regulatory to country information. All valuable information in better understanding the current challenges faced and how to improve issues identified”

“Absolutely worth attending, well-chosen speakers and informative”

MMEC 2022

The 8th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas and Energy Conference & Exhibition is the only event in involving the three sectors and is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique and by ENH, returns under the theme “Sustainable development across the entire mineral and energy value chain, TOWARDS A LOW CARBON FUTURE”. This event will bring together many influential stakeholders such as investors and government officials which provides the opportunity to building knowledge and network from this event.

02 - 03 June 2022

Maputo, Mozambique

Face to Face Conference

Testimonials from MMEC 2022


“The experience has been fantastic. It is a continuous process of learning and networking with various players in the oil and gas, energy and mining sectors; particularly regarding Local Content.”

“Great atmosphere, professional but managing to be relaxed to enhance interaction between participants”

“Experience has been very nice, all well organized well done to the organizers, as also the third parties involved with MMEC to make it happen. Good contacts and more potential future business in a short term goal.”

“We would like to thank you all from WIKA's side.”

“The event has been an eye-opening experience, it has allowed for interaction with various stakeholders who will have a positive impact on our company's growth.”

“It was a great event, well organized and interesting presentations and discussions.”


The African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO), the Government of the Republic of Angola, and AME Trade will be hosting the 8th African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE VIII) will take place from 16th-19th May, in Luanda, Republic of Angola, under the theme: “Energy Transition and the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Development”. This event will feature a high-level strategic three-day conference, B2B trade exhibition, technical and touristic site visits, awards and essay competitions.

16 - 19 May 2022

Luanda, Republic of Angola

Face to Face Conference

Testimonials from CAPE VIII


"I would like to thank you on behalf of Equinor for your organization on CAPE 2022. It was very well organized, the effort and work you’ve put up was quite visible in the minor details. Best of luck on your future endeavors.” Ricardo Gomes Country Mgr Support & Communications, Equinor Angola"

"I believe CAPE VIII is a great opportunity to learn from peers, especially how they are dealing with the challenge of energy transition. There is a big dilemma between energy transition and energy poverty in Africa. I believe Africa is more concerned with energy security now. It was also a place to learn the many initiatives companies in the industry and countries are doing in the space of energy transition.”

"My experience was great. I acquired more knowledge about the oil industry and the energy transaction. Also, I did networking and make connections with very interesting people.”

"Thank you to the organizer for putting together such an event and the bold step to put the question of energy transition on the table.”


The 3rd edition of the Economic Community Of West African States Mining & Petroleum Forum (ECOMOF 2022) took place on 16-18 February 2022 at the Mahatma Gandhi International Conference Center in Niamey, under the theme “Integrating the mining and petroleum industries into the development of regional value chains”

This event is one of the largest mining events in West Africa that gathers high ranking government delegations from the 15 ECOWAS West African Member States. ECOMOF is the first international mining event in the country which provides opportunities for new business deals.

16 - 18 February 2022

Niamey, Niger

Face-to-Face Conference

Testimonials from ECOMOF 2022


"ECOMOF 2022 will undoubtedly make it possible to forge partnerships in the mining and petroleum sectors for better development in Africa."

"It was my first time at this exhibition and not the last. The welcome and friendliness of Nigerians is incredible. Thank you very much.”

"ECOMOF 2022 was for me a framework of meetings and exchanges giving job opportunities and possibilities to discover other challenges."

JMP Mali 2021

The 9th Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition is organised by the Ministry of Mines, Energy & Water, Mali in association with AME Trade Ltd under the theme “Local content development: challenges, perspectives & role of the state”. JMP is already an established event in the global mining & petroleum industry and is the official platform for the government to share and discuss its vision for the future of the national Mining & Petroleum industries with the key stakeholders in the country.

16 - 18 November 2021

Bamako, Republic of Mali

Hybrid Conference

Testimonials from JMP Mali 2021


Ousmane CouliBaly | Directeur Pays, Resolute Mining of Mali

“I would like to congratulate AME TRADE for organising this event, which is no longer a national event but an international one because all companies are here and even international decision-makers. I had the opportunity to see representatives from Niger and Burkina. For us, it is also an opportunity to show to the international community what we do, so I really thank AME Trade for the organisation and we are very honoured to be here.”

Mr Lamine Seydou Traoré | Minister of Mines, Energy and Water of Mali

“These days were a success, despite the health crisis we are experiencing, the participants came from all countries. I would like to congratulate once again the organisers, the organising committee, its president, and all the members of its team, but also AME Trade International and AME Trade Mali.”

SIM Senegal 2021

The 6th edition of SIM Senegal took place at the Hotel King Fahd Palace in Dakar on 02 – 04 November 2021, which was organised by the Senegalese Ministry of Mines & Geology in association with AME Trade Ltd. Under the theme “Promotion and development of Local Content, a lever for the for the optimization of socio-economic benefits in the extractive sector”, the two-day conference showcased the Ministry’s strategy on the mining sector and concentrated on new developments and investment for further growth and expansion of the Senegalese mining sector.

02 - 04 November 2021

Dakar, Republic of Senegal

Hybrid Conference

Testimonials from SIM Senegal 2021


Dr. William Zylberman – Geologue (Projets Afrique de l’Ouest), Beak Consultants GmbH

“Thanks, the event is great.”

Aminata Seck Ndao – Juriste DMG, Coordinator of the Legal Unit, Ministry of Mines and Geology, Senegal

“Thank you for associating me with this important event. It was a great experience to discuss the future of the Senegalese mining sector.”

Dr. Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye

“Bravo for the organisation. That was good. Whova is a good tool.”

ISDB PPP Training

AME Trade has coordinated a three-day virtual training for the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and secured its CPD certification. IsDB training was under the theme: Enhancing Understanding of Public Private Partnership – Helping Governments Build Resilient Infrastructure. It was designed for senior representatives from government ministries and agencies from the member countries of the Islamic Development Bank. 

12 - 14 October 2021

Virtual Training

ZIMEC 2021

ZIMEC virtual pre-conference took place on the 26th of May 2021, and focused on fiscal regimes and regulation in Zambia, aiming at boosting investment, recovery and growth in the mining and energy sectors. It had the special participation of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development Zambia. Our interactive application allowed exhibitors to participate and market their services and delegates will be able to network to make new business contacts. The theme was “Diversifying Zambia’s mineral resources and energy mix to stimulate economic growth.”

26 May 2021

Virtual Pre-Conference

Testimonials from ZIMEC 2021


Very insightful, informative engaging and progressive.

The experience was great. I really learned a lot. I am attending the main event in October.

It is a good platform that enables the Government to exchange progressive ideas with various private sector players and stakeholders.

Webinar – Economic diversification dialogues: Public-Private Partnerships

Standard Bank along with the Ministry of Economy and Planning of Angola hosted the webinar “Economic diversification dialogues: Public-Private Partnerships in Angola”. This was done to promote the diversification of the Angolan Economy and lessen reliance on government debt. The programme focused on the main benefits of using PPPs to implement infrastructure projects, the main challenges it presents as well as the regulations and the role of the government.

28 April 2021


MMEC 2021 – Webinar

23 April 2021

Online Webinar

MMEC 2021

The 7th Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas & Energy Conference and Exhibition (MMEC) is organised by AME Trade Ltd and is officially endorsed by ENH and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique. With a limited number of attendees on-site, all the sessions and post-conference webinar took place virtually. The theme for the conference: “Utilizing Natural Resources as the Catalyst for Economic Development and Diversification”.  MMEC continued to showcase and explore developments, potential opportunities, lessons from key investors and new business partnerships. The post-conference webinar focused on “Looking ahead – considering green growth for the natural resources sector”.

21 - 23 April 2021

Maputo, Mozambique

Hybrid Conference, Post-Conference Webinar

Testimonials from MMEC 2021


Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, H. E. President of the Republic of Mozambique

To the conference organizers and their partners, I address my appreciation for managing to bring together within the covid-19 rules of prevention (...) experts and professionals from various sectors who will discuss relevant topics to the current global and national context. I believe that the success achieved in the last editions of the conference keeps the active interest of the participants.

Bruno Dias, Consulting Partner at EY

MMEC has been used to being a meeting place and debate of the main sector stakeholders in Mozambique. The fact that this latest edition was in a hybrid format allowed us to further broaden the universe of participants, learn about their plans and strategies and interact in a perspective of developing future businesses or partnerships.

PIAFRICA Month 2021

25 March 2021

Online Training

PIAFRICA Month 2021

Five webinars and one online conference were hosted as part of Pension Funds and Alternative Investment Africa month, with the main theme “The Development Impact of Pension Funds – Allocating Capital in a Broad-based Economy”. This combination of events occurred over the span of 2 days which included conference, webinars and training. These sessions were all very crucial as there are many key players involved such as Central Banks, government leaders and leading Pension Funds and Investment Companies all shared their views and ideas to overcome challenges and create opportunities. This virtual training provided an even more in-dept understanding on the PE Industry which allowed attendees to gain more knowledge in this area as well.

11 - 30 March 2021

Virtual Conference, Webinar, Training

Testimonials from PIAFRICA Month 2021


Samuel Okpattah – Managing Director, Sovereign Infrastructure Group

PIAfrica should continue the advocacy role with regulators and legislators in addition to developing robust education and relevant training programs to enable Pension Funds and investors to invest in Alternative Assets in Africa, including Infrastructure Project Vehicles and Private Equity Funds.

Alain Mekulu – CEO, Caisse Nationale de Prevoyance Sociale, Cameroon (CNPS)

This critical thinking dedicated to the impact of Pension Funds has helped enhance the leader’s ability to review the management of pension funds to achieve profitability and growth. The indispensable role of pension funds in developing the capital market trigger economic growth with the availability of long-term capital and improving corporate performance.

ABR Webinar III

‘Africa Business Roundtable’s Investor Presentations Masterclass Webinars’ hosted by ABR, Africa’s foremost and continent-wide association of businesses and business leaders, aimed to finalize and identify projects for funding. This event consisted of 3 webinars which presented attendees and ABR members with key practical information on the projects, such as timelines and cost.

10 March 2021


SIM Senegal Virtual 2021

In their continued efforts to showcase Senegal’s mining sector and leading up to the Senegal International Mining Conference & Exhibition (SIM Senegal 2021), the Ministry of Mines and Geology in association with AME Trade Ltd hosted the SIM Senegal Virtual Summit. Under the theme “For a resilient mining sector in Senegal”, the virtual event addressed the impact of COVID-19 and the needs to be considered to strengthen the mining sector for sustainability and growth.

26 - 27 January 2021

Virtual Conference

Testimonials from SIM Senegal Virtual 2021


Dr. William Zylberman – Geologue (Projets Afrique de l’Ouest), Beak Consultants GmbH

Thanks, the event is great.

Aminata Seck Ndao – Juriste DMG, Coordinator of the Legal Unit, Ministry of Mines and Geology, Senegal

Thank you for associating me with this important event. It was a great experience to discuss the future of the Senegalese mining sector.

Dr. Abdoul Aziz Ndiaye

Bravo for the organisation. That was good. Whova is a good tool.

Africa PPP 2020

The Infrastructure Investment Partnerships Conference went virtual, under the theme: “Partnering on public infrastructure projects for sustainable development and economic growth”. The entire world being hit by Covid-19, developing Infrastructure is very important. Africa PPP helped rebuild the economy by gathering both public and private sectors to develop partnerships in Electricity, Transport, Health, Water and ICT industries. This event has 100% recommendation from past attendees, with 59 speakers from 34 countries involved.

01 - 02 December 2020

Virtual Conference

Testimonials from Africa PPP 2020


Amanda Mapanda – Global Transactions Associate (Energy, Transport & Infrastructure) Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

It was an honour to be invited as a speaker and engage in the critical discussions that are needed to achieve the development progress Africa and Africans, such as myself, need to see. Well done and warm thanks to Laura, Emma, and the rest of the AME team for pulling this off.

Safietou Diallo – General Manager Technical Advisor Senelec

Yes, it was very good sharing all those experiences from various countries and also various perspectives. Most infra sectors were also covered! Good job. Thank you all for organizing Africa PPP and having such a good Webinar technical platform.

Angola Mining 2020

The attractiveness of the investment climate in the extractive industries depends on the conditions that govern the exploration and development of mineral substances. During this session key stakeholders discussed the development of policy and regulatory frameworks, tax policies and institutional frameworks that encourage investment for the continued growth of natural resources and related infrastructures in Angola. Angola Mining 2020 was supported by the Government of the Republic of Angola and Sponsored by EY and Standard Bank.

25 November 2020


Puttru 2020

This webinar on Closing the US$50 Billion Per Annum Investment Gap in Africa’s Energy Sector’ brought key voices influencing the energy sector, both from the government and financial institution side to discuss issues holding the continent back. Furthermore, the speakers shared their experience in trying out the Puttru digital platform and how they see the technology closing the energy sector investment gap in Africa.

29 October 2020


YEO 2020

Renewable Power for Mines was a webinar hosted by YEO that focused on providing mining companies with the option to incorporate renewable energies to operate, including legal issues, capital outlay vs ROI, power management tools investment, and an overview of a successful case project.

15 October 2020


ABR Webinar II

To advance the interest of its members, the Africa Business Roundtable secretariat has identified a number of viable projects that require funding and is running a series of webinars to promote and profile pre-selected “Oven ready” projects for funding. Selected ABR members with bankable projects thus engaged investors from around the world on this webinar.

17 September 2020


ABR Webinar I

To advance the interest of ABR members and other financiers & investors, the ABR secretariat has identified a number of viable projects that require funding and are running series of webinars to promote and profile these pre-selected “Oven ready” projects for funding. 

30 July 2020



Private equity funds are uniquely structured to drive growth and transform businesses. While some African pension funds are currently investing in private equity, there is still scope for more PE investment to assist African pension funds to boost their returns.

Investing in private equity allows public pension funds to gain exposure to growth companies that have the potential to provide excellent returns over the long term, but how does one balance the risk vs. rewards? The webinar unpacked this paying special attention to the Covid 19 context. Hosted by moravia. 

21 July 2020


Webinar – Building sustainable infrastructure development post COVID-19 crisis

This webinar, the first hosted by AME trade’s new virtual portal, has provided attendees with a clearer picture of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on current infrastructure investment and development. Our industry experts provided insights into the areas of opportunity within the infrastructure and PPP space, that will manage future risks and allow for economic growth in Africa. This webinar looked at the need to refocus and reprioritise projects i.e., health, water, ICT etc.

30 June 2020



The Ministry of Hydrocarbons of the Republic of Congo and AME Trade Ltd organised the 4th edition of the Congo’s International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, CIEHC 2020 was special as it registered a strong participation of delegates from the member countries of the African Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO). Five Ministers from the organization, including the President and General Secretary, graced the opening ceremony, thereby confirming its international profile.

The conference attracted over 650 participants from 22 countries, welcomed 45 exhibition stands, 55 speakers, 16 sponsors and 34 associate sponsors.

19 - 21 February 2020

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Face-to-Face Conference

Testimonials from CIEHC4


Jean-Marc Thystere Tchicaya | Minister OF Hydrocarbons, Republic OF Congo

This conference is extremely important for the Republic of Congo and the entire sector in general as it allows us to discuss current legislation and regulations in our country but also in the sub-region. It also allows all of the partners to discuss and exchange on the problems of our sector, from upstream to downstream, to be able to pinpoint the various problems and to provide possible solutions that governments and oil companies can continue to exploit to find lasting solutions to develop our sector.

Andrea Cattaneo | CEO And Founder, Zenith Energy

I think that the conference is excellent. It is very important to remember that a country who can afford its own conference gives a clear sign of credibility, it shows that it is one of the leading places of oil & gas production in the world. Only few countries can afford to have their own conference, so it shows that there is a leader in the oil & gas market in Africa.

Christine Roche | New Ventures Manager, PGS

It has been very positive few days, it has been very productive, there has been a lot of very positive conversations. The key take home message is definitely that everybody wants to enhance production, continue exploration and prove reserves not only just in Congo but across all west Africa and the Appo productive countries.