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We’re looking for people to join our team who are as excited as we are to organise B2B events in Africa, such as conferences, exhibitions, webinars, trainings, and much more!

We organise online and face-to-face events from A to Z thanks to our specialised team. Our experienced project managers oversee the entire event cycle, from the planning stages to project completion. Our services include Accounts, Coordination, Marketing, Production & Sales Departments.

Powered by passion and persistence, our success is powered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals working together to look after the client. Our team’s attention to our customers’ needs is second to none as they always go an extra mile. At AME Trade, we are always on the lookout for confident, driven, adventurous and hard-working people who can grow with us. “


Logistics & Suppliers Management – We secure and manage all suppliers needed for an event, based from London to the event host Country. Our logistics team work also with Organising Committee to ensure all protocols are dully observed, and ensure accommodation & transport are arranged for the participants. Our coordination team is present onsite to manage all suppliers during the event.


Design & Image – We are responsible for producing all the event visual materials for the promotion of the event and the realisation of the event, such as event logo, brochure, website, advertisement, backdrops, billboards, roll-ups and much more.

Marketing & Media Management – We develop a marketing campaign plan for each event featuring online and offline materials to ensure the event gets maximum visibility. It includes media coverage, press releases, websites advertising, magazines, newspapers, TV & Radio adverts.


Conference Production and Management – Our industry experts producers generate the entire content of the conference. Following weeks of industry research, it is our responsibility to identify the key topics to be discussed at the event, elaborate an attractive conference programme and recruit the speakers. The producer manages his speakers from the recruitment to their speech delivery on site.


Sales Management – Our sales team members are based all over the world. Our diversity helps us understanding the market in each country. They are regularly in contact with the stakeholders of the industry to be informed of their needs and identify the event relevant to their business.


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