An Impact that Matters

We always strive to make an impact that matters by using the organisation of events in Africa to benefit the local economy, to involve wherever possible indigenous suppliers and using locally produced sustainable materials. This characterizes who we are and gives us our organisational purpose: serving our clients, motivating our people and contributing to society.

We believe that it’s only when we act responsibly in all the different aspects that we merit the respect of the business and broader community.

Responsible operations and procedure

Respecting our environment

It’s our aim, where possible, to eliminate non-recyclable products from our events, through our new meeting app we will limit printing catalogues, by providing tactile screens we will not use roller banners, our conference giveaways such as delegate bags and badges will be made from recyclable or locally produced materials.


With the recent developments of COVID-19, we’re committed to following the measures imposed by the World Health Organisation and that of the country where we are working. We will make sure that social distancing is respected, complimentary masks are available and hand gel will be able at designated points at the events venues.

Local health authorities will have a constant presence at our events including a fully operational infirmary with doctors and nurses, as well as ambulances on stand by for any emergency medical evacuations.


Your security is our priority. At AME Trade events we work with the relevant government authorities to make sure that the local security entities such as the police and the army have an active presence on site. We also produce an emergency evacuation plan with muster points in case of any unforeseen emergency to guarantee your safety.

Responsible projects of partners, renewable energy content

We actively encourage the use of renewable energy in our conference programmes with sessions dedicated to wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. See below some of our renewable energy content at our latest conferences.


Outlining key developments in wind and PV project investment and technology

JMP 2019

Reducing the energy costs of mining industries through the integration of solar PV

EIMC 2019

Renewable energy projects sustainably powering Ethiopia’s mining projects

ZIMEC 2019

As climate resilience becomes more important, what role will hydropower play in the energy mix?

Our contribution to the African economy

$3,157,500 is our company contribution in 2019 to economies in Africa.

$2,030,000 Direct economic impacts.

It is our goal to source all products, services and personnel required to organise our events directly from the country where we are working. We estimate that in 2019, AME Trade Ltd contributed directly through our events $2,030,000 to economies in Africa.

Products include: conference giveaways, printed materials, decoration and gifts.

Services include: catering, transport, communication agencies, audio-visual equipment, stand rental, venue rental and freight.

Staff include: labourers, press, interpreters, rapporteurs, MC’s, hostesses, photographers and cameramen.

$1,125,000 Indirect economic impacts.

A regional or international delegate will have a multiplier effect on local economies by contributing financially via our conferences to hotels, restaurants, transport companies, recreational and tourism sites. Based on an estimated figure of an overseas delegate spending $1500 USD per event on the above, we estimate indirect benefits from our events in 2022 was $1,125,000.

Would you like to contribute to the African economy by working with us at our B2B events? Send us your portfolio and contact our team here >>>

Our African footprint and development of Africa’s future event professionals.

AME Trade Ltd has offices in Senegal, Cameroon and Mozambique with local representatives or partners in every country where we work. We train our staff to the highest international standards and combine this with their local knowledge to develop some of the finest event professionals in Africa and future African leaders.

Local content

Throughout our events we make sure that we empower: non for profit organisations, NGO’s, students and associations to participate at our events free of charge. We also allocate many complimentary stands to organisations such as universities, gender empowerment organisations, chambers of commerce and local producers of gifts or souvenirs.

JMP 2019 Malian Delegate Gift

SIEPA 2019 Senegal Students

ZIMEC 2014 Zambian Association

All our events include sessions on corporate social responsibility and local content to make sure that these crucial topics are debated and form the fulcrum of our events.

One of our yearly events, named the Africa Local Content Conference (ALC), is dedicated entirely to local content development in the petroleum producing countries.

ALC 2019 Ghana

ALC 2019 Ghana

ALC 2019 Ghana

ALC 2019 Ghana

ALC 2019 Ghana

ALC 2019 Ghana

Promoting African arts and culture

Africa is the cradle of mankind and a mosaic of myriad cultures, languages and traditions. To effectively work in a country, it is essential to understand the values and beliefs of where you are working in order to succeed.

At our events, we work directly with local artisans to produce delegate bags and conference gifts. We also always make sure that we feature the best musicians and aspiring artists to entertain and educate our conference attendees. Performers we have been honoured to host include: Pape et Cheikh, Toumani Diabate, Bembeya Jazz, Habib Koité, Soul Bangs and a wide variety of local troupes and dance acts.

An ensemble of all the ethnicities of Mali greet delegates at JMP 2019

Habib Koite, with 400,000 albums sold worldwide, headlines JMP 2019 gala dinner in Bamako

A talented troupe of young Guinean musicians entertains SMG 2019 participants in Conakry

Senegal’s leading acoustic artists Pape & Cheikh kick off SIM Senegal 2018 gala dinner

Dancers from the Bassari mining region of Senegal at SIM SENEGAL 2018

The National Ballet of Mali sing praises to welcome our participants to the JMP 2019 opening ceremony

PI Africa 2019 Mauritian Fire Dancers heating up the atmosphere

Guineans artists sing for the delegates in Conakry during SMG 2019

A welcome from the diverse cultures of Suriname to SURIMEP 2014

Would you like to showcase your culture at our events? Contact us to explain your talent >>>

Sponsor charities

AME Trade Ltd have been involved in actively supporting the following charities:

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we support diverse charity initiatives. Tell us your story and how could we contribute to it >>>


We encourage our participants to go out and explore the country where they are visiting, to allow them to sample the scenery outside of the capital, and to benefit local communities. Tours we have run include cultural experiences such to Goree Island in Senegal, Isle de Loos in Guinea, as well technical tours to visit mine sites such Morila (Mali), Tasiast (Mauritania) and Kamsar (Guinea).